Oranges and tangerines from Morocco

Orangen und Mandarinen aus Marokko

Production and marketing

With a cultivated area of 500 hectares and a production of about 25,000 tons last year, in a top climatically favorable geographical location, Moroccan Citrus is able to produce top quality products .

Together with our regional partners we produce oranges and mandarins from Morocco, which we export to Canada, England, United Arab Emirates and especially to Europe .

We are at your side as a reliable supplier of citrus fruits and, moreover, as a competent partner for all process steps from production to distribution and delivery of the products.

What we offer

Benefit as a partner from our many years of experience in the Production and marketing of citrus fruits.

Orange am Baum

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Years experience
Hectare cultivated
Tons yield

Our oranges

Our tangerines

Our lemons and grapefruit

What we pay attention to


  • Save water
  • Reduce soil erosion
  • Increase fertility of the soil
  • Energy saving


  • Top suppliers
  • Competent farmers
  • Best quality fruits
  • Individual customer service


  • Lean in the supply chain
  • Creating value for our customers
  • Transparency in production

Production and marketing

Citrus fruits of the best quality from controlled cultivation


Our production plants are under constant control, ensuring high quality citrus fruits and vegetables.


We pack the products in affiliated packaging companies, ensuring the smooth supply chain from production through packaging.


Through the merger and cooperation of the partners involved in production, packaging, transport and marketing, you have only one contact partner with us.

What distinguishes us

Through our long experience and dedication in the production and marketing of citrus fruits, we give you assurances.

Best quality

Secure deliveries and deadline commitments

Attractive prices

Competent contact persons

Shipment tracking
(Track & Trace)

Multilingual support

Planning reliability

Constant quality controls

Our four pillars


Moroccan Citrus offers a wide selection of citrus fruits from orchards in the Atlas Mountains. The products have a high international reputation and are known for their exquisite taste.


Our citrus fruits are packed in connected packing stations, which are approved and controlled by the independent body for the control and coordination of exports (EACCE).


Thanks to our logistics team and its strategy aimed at using new transfer and distribution techniques, we guarantee a smooth export of the highest security.


Our management, administrative and marketing experts transport the products to the national and international markets as well as to the European Union.

One contact person during the process

During the process management, production and marketing of citrus, you will communicate with only one contact person in all areas. Our employees are familiar with every process and will provide you with competent support.